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E-invoicing is mandatory for businesses having aggregate turnover of more than Rs 10 crore in any preceding FY from 2017-18 onwards.
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Invoices accepted by India’s top brands
  • Parle
  • Flipkart
  • Arvind
  • Appario
  • Sony
  • Cloudtail
What is e-invoicing?
E-invoicing or ‘electronic invoicing’ is a system that authenticates B2B invoices electronically on the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) for further use on the common GST portal.
How it will impact your business?
If your business had an aggregate turnover of more than INR 10 crores in any preceding FY from 2017–18 onward, you must generate electronic invoices for all B2B transactions under the GST law.
How does e-invoicing work?
  • Step1Generation of the invoice on the taxpayer’s respective ERP system
  • Step2Generation of IRN (can be done on the respective ERP or through the IRP)
  • Step3Upload the JSON file of the e-invoice (along with hash/IRN, if generated) to the IRP for validation
  • Step4The IRP will generate/validate the hash/IRN and will add a digital signature and QR code, and return the JSON to the taxpayer
  • Step5The IRP will share this invoice data with the e-way bill system and the GSTN
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Why choose UpScale?
  • Bulk IRN GenerationUpScale allows you to bulk generate e-invoices using government-mandated fields. For an extra layer of caution, it validates your data to identify violations, incorrect data entries, and missing mandatory fields. Upload an Excel file to send multiple invoices at once to the IRP.
  • Send invoice to IRP in single clickYou can create invoices on UpScale and send to the e-invoicing portal in a single click. UpScale keeps you up to date with your e-invoice's every move. Different statuses like In Queue, IRN generated, and cancelled help you keep track of all your e-invoices easily. Create, print, cancel, manage - Perform all operations on e-invoices through a single user-friendly console.
  • Real Time Data BackupAutomatic cloud storage helps you store all your e-invoices for easy and safe retrieval anytime in the future. Retrieve all your past e-invoices with signed QR.
  • Smart Error ValidationsUpScale pre-emptively validates the invoice data and identifies data violations, incorrect data entry, and missing fields. The extra caution helps save time and effort for tax personnel and mitigates the chances of errors.
  • Share via WhatsApp, Email and SMSSend an email, SMS and WhatsApp to all your customers on a single click. Share signed QR e-invoice PDF with your customer. Through hosted web page, your customers can download e-invoice anytime without the need of sharing multiple times.
  • Multiple GSTIN SupportUpScale’s e-invoicing solution provides e-invoicing enablement for all your GSTINs at once. It provides complete visibility on all transactions across all your branches, with multiple PAN and GSTIN support. In less than 10 seconds, it can create a government-compliant e-invoice.
  • Compatible with Tally (and any other ERP)
  • Get started in just under 15 minutes
  • 100% compliant with government regulations
  • Convert your existing invoices to e-invoices
How to get started?
  • Register your business in the e-invoice portal
  • Create API credentials for our partnered GSP-IRIS
  • Enter your portal credentials in UpScale
  • Upload your invoice to the IRP
  • Get validated, signed e-invoices with IRN
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UpScale’s e-invoicing solution is powered by CredAble
  • Maximum securityISO 27001:2013 certified which makes us 100% secure
  • Approved by RBIApproved by The Reserve Bank Of India
  • Homegrown with careWe're made in India, built to help you grow your business

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