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  • Getting a business loan from UpScale was super easy. My loan was sanctioned in just 2 days. They are charging much better interest rates than offline lenders. Thank you, UpScale!

    - Nirmal Kumar MindaProprietor, Minda Enterprises

How to apply for an Unsecured Business Loan on UpScale?
  1. Sign Up by verifying your phone number via OTP
  2. Share basic business details & GST number (mandatory)
  3. Check & add CIBIL Score (it’s free & doesn’t impact credit score)
  4. Upload last 12 months’ current account bank statements
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Have questions? We’re here to help!

1. Why apply for an unsecured business loan with UpScale?

Because with just one application you can now apply to a network of well-trusted 10+ lenders (which includes some of the biggest names in the banking industry).

There is no paperwork involved. No form filling. No collateral is required.

2. Which business is eligible to apply for a loan with UpScale?

If your business is GST-registered, minimum of 12 months old, and has an annual turnover of INR 25+ lacs, then you’re eligible to apply with us.

You’ll get to know your eligibility within 24 hours of applying on UpScale.

3. Why is GST registration number mandatory while applying for an UpScale Business Loan?

A GST-registered business appears as more credible & transparent to almost every single lending institution in the country. Since the UpScale app has multiple lenders on one application, any GST-registered business can apply on the app for an unsecured business loan up to Rs. 50 lakhs. However, you can also apply for an unsecured business loan by providing your business PAN no.

4. Why do I have to check & add my CIBIL score? Does it have any impact on my credit score?

A good CIBIL score is an indicator of timely loan repayments and financial stability. Usually, a 650+ CIBIL score is considered by almost all lenders to be an acceptable one.

But it is important to understand that adding and checking one’s CIBIL score on UpScale doesn’t impact one’s credit score. It simply assures the lender that the applicant is financially responsible.

5. Why do I have to upload my bank statements?

We ask you to upload your current account bank statements for the past 12 months. This gives the lender a clear picture of your business’ annual turnover.

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  • My business loan was approved in just 2 days. I only needed to share the GST number, CIBIL Score and bank statements. Thank you, UpScale!

    - Ajay Kumar ShawProprietor, Shaw & Sons.

Get Unsecured Business Loans up to Rs. 50 lakhs from 15+ top banks & NBFCs. Only with UpScale by CredAble.

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